What Are Some Tips For The Youth To Prevent Substance Use?

What are some tips for the youth to prevent substance use? Communication and being involved are crucial, along with knowing the signs of drug use.

If you think that your child might be using drugs, you are their best first line of defense. Aegis Medical, an online substance abuse counseling center in Ontario, Canada, offers tips for parents that answer the question, “What are some tips for the youth to prevent substance use?”

Be a positive role model.

You’ve likely heard the term “monkey see, monkey do.” This is just a quick way of saying that kids do what they see. As a healthy influence, whether you are a parent, teacher, or even older relatives or neighbors, you can help curb teenage drug use by simply abstaining yourself. And if you do currently use drugs or consume excessive alcohol, consider finding an online substance abuse counseling program that can help you be the role model that the children in your life need.


Communication is essential anytime you’re trying to keep children from experimenting with things that might harm them. Talk to your kids. Ask how their day was, and get them to elaborate. Talk to them about positive and negative behaviors. Most importantly, remember that time sitting around the dinner table or simply watching a movie is bonding time that will ultimately encourage your child to come to you when they need you most.

Don’t judge.

One of the first things that you might notice about online substance abuse counseling is that therapists steer clear of judgment. Make sure that you do the same with your child if they come to you with a problem, such as if they’ve been approached by another student that encourages them to try drugs or alcohol.

Pay attention.

Your children may not tell you everything, but watching their actions as they transition from elementary to middle to high school gives you an idea of where they are socially and emotionally. Remember, students may be actively exposed to drug and alcohol use as early as elementary school.

Get involved.

While no one would encourage you to be a helicopter parent, it never hurts to stay involved with your child’s school and extracurricular activities. Know what’s going on in and outside of the classroom, who they are with, and who their friends are. If you suspect that your child is struggling with drug use, you might even contact an online substance abuse counseling center for advice on how to approach the topic.

Teach the value of “no.”

The word no is one of the most powerful in the English language. First, make sure you’re okay with telling your children no if they ask to do something, such as attend a late-night party, that you don’t feel comfortable with. You should also let your kids know that it’s all right to say no to other people.

Be open about your own struggles.

Where age-appropriate, it’s okay to talk to your children if you had your own struggles or encounters with drugs and alcohol. Even if you’ve ever taken online substance abuse counseling, there’s no shame in letting your children know that you are an imperfect human. Talking to them about your own shortcomings, addictions, and other struggles may help them see you as both a peer and a parent.

Know the signs. 

There are many different signs of drug or alcohol use in children. These might include withdrawal, sudden poor grades, or a change in attitude or emotional regulation. Your child may become withdrawn, start running with a new group of peers, or lose interest in things they once loved.

If you think it’s time for online substance abuse counseling and you live in Ontario, Canada, reach out to Aegis and then talk to your child about scheduling an appointment. While they might not be willing to talk to you, it can help to have an impartial and nonjudgmental ear that can offer a variety of support services to help them overcome this common struggle.

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